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PKF is an expert in bookkeeping and invested valuable resources in our systems, enabling us to provide you with quality accounting service and peace of mind.  We believe in doing things right and therefore we always provide a dedicated team of experts to each client, to make sure we provide accurate and reliable financial information that support important business decisions.

We can provide guidance and advice on key areas of your day-to-day operations and bring you peace of mind that everything is being kept up to date and under control. 

Whether you need help in preparing a budget or forecast, management reports, or to do VAT and PAYE submissions, we have the experience to assist you. 

We will provide accurate, timely and relevant management information – key to running your business and making the right decisions. 

We work closely with our clients to prepare high quality financial reports that include the details that are important to you. We invest time upfront to understand your business, in order to provide tailored reports that can speak to both trading and cashflow results.


The cost of payroll administration is one of the largest expenses for any company.  PKF ensures that our clients have accurate data, properly backed up software and complete confidentiality.  Your payroll will be processed by experienced payroll specialists with up-to-date skills and knowledge on the latest labour and tax legislation in South Africa.

All businesses employ staff, which means many areas that require compliance. Running your payroll effectively is extremely important in order to mitigate related risks for your business.  Partner with a confident team that is competent to deliver a wide range of payroll services will add value to your business.

Our personal service is designed to give you peace of mind and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep you up to speed with any changes to legislation that might have a knock-on effect on your business.  By working with our payroll team, you can focus your attention on other important areas of your business. 

Our payroll services include:

  • Payroll set-up and training
  • Payroll processing, including statutory reports for submission to SARS
  • Payroll administration on a monthly, bi-monthly and/or weekly basis
  • Payroll processing of benefits
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations (Labour departments, SARS)
  • Compensations Commissioner returns
  • Full PAYE compliance
  • International payroll service through our wider PKF network

EMP501 Reconciliation submission (IRP5 payment certificates

The reconciliation of statutory submissions (PAYE, UIF and SDL) to SARS and creation of IRP5’s for employees must be submitted every 6 months.  PKF can plan and execute this for our clients. 


Controlling function

Outsourcing certain functions to PKF can improve internal financial control, through a segregation of duties within your business.  The consistent monitoring of such controls is invaluable for risk mitigation and financial controls to run as smooth as possible.  No alarms and no surprises, when our controlling team is at work.


Management reporting

Management reporting, combined with the expertise of a PKF Advisor, can assist business owners and directors in making informed decisions and re-think opportunities to achieve better business results. PKF can present your business with value-driven, meaningful reports, which include more than just financial information.  It is also a refined tool that can incorporate numerous scenario planning opportunities and non-financial indicators.


Financial statements

The compilation of financial statements is at the core of the service line offering at PKF.  Our professional staff and up-to-date software frameworks offer much more than merely compiling financial statements and calculating your annual tax return.

Timing is everything, especially for this service and at PKF our internal systems are designed to ensure this rare commodity for our clients, namely that financial statements are delivered promptly.


Group consolidated financial statements

PKF will compile and disclose your group financial information based on the selected accounting and reporting framework for external users to understand. PKF make use of international quality control methodologies and monitoring software packages that are tried and tested to highlight any potential errors.


Cloud set-up

PKF can offer advice on the best Cloud Accounting solution for your business.

We offer various options of Cloud Accounting packages to choose from:

  • Sage One Accounting
  • Xero Accounting
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Wave Accounting  

Depending on your business and specific requirements, each of these solutions has their own unique benefits.  We can help you choose the best suited solution for your business.



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