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Income Tax compliance

At PKF, we are the experts with the skills and systems to ensure accurate tax compliance.  Tax return software is a powerful tool that is necessary to both administrate and track the completion of all returns for submission to SARS.

PKF provides tax advice and opinions to a large number of clients who rely on us to handle their personal affairs and help them navigate an area subject to complex and constantly changing regulations. 

Our personal tax experts can assist you across a wide range of tax-related matters, whether it is helping with capital tax planning, independent wealth management, tax compliance or succession planning. 

PKF not only attends to all your statutory tax requirements – including provisional tax, income tax returns, trusts, and all SARS-related queries and investigations – but we offer insightful and pragmatic tax advice and tax planning.  Our dedicated tax department is available to attend to all of our clients’ requirements with efficiency, and in a professional manner.

Tax queries

The name of this game lies in the practical adherence and correct application of the Tax Administration Act.  Long gone are the days of simply writing a letter.  A tax query can entail the full process of:  Requesting reasons on assessment, Objection, Appeal and only then the opportunity to discuss the matter at an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) meeting.  One wrong step, or one missed deadline will blow a tax query clear out of the water.

PKF has the skilled technical resources and electronic systems to handle all tax related queries on behalf of our clients.  We have years of experience and the expertise to deal with SARS directly in order to benefit our clients and save them valuable time and money. Our success rate in resolving queries taken on by our expert team, is far above average.

SARS VAT, PAYE and Income Tax Reconciliation (IT14SD)

The SA Revenue Service annually requires a significant percentage of corporate taxpayers (companies, CC’s and trusts) to reconcile their financial statement results, to PAYE and VAT returns already submitted and to review and confirm their Income Tax calculations for a specific year of assessment.

PKF can handle this compulsory, comprehensive and complex reconciliation to SARS, with ease, on your behalf.  We have years of experience and the expertise to deal with SARS directly, in order to benefit our clients and save them valuable time and money.

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