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Tell us what it costs you to comply with the tax system in South Africa

Tell us what it costs you to comply with the tax system in South Africa

05 Mar 2018

SAICA, in a joint initiative with the Financial Intelligence Department of the University of South Africa (UNISA), are conducting a survey of small, medium and large businesses as well as of individuals to evaluate and compare the costs/benefits of compliance with the tax system on them as taxpayers.

PKF has agreed to assist with this initiative by circulating the relevant questionaires, as indicated below, so as to reach a wider population of taxpayers. The results of this project will be presented to Parliament with the view of trying to assist taxpayers in reducing these costs.

For the research to be effective the participation of a significant number of large corporates, SMMEs and individuals is required by answering the relevant online survey.

The survey will be strictly confidential and all personal information provided by participants will be kept anonymous and any personal/computerised identifiers will be removed unless the participant agrees to provide them and in this case, this information will be kept confidential. Information relating to specific businesses/individuals will not be identified or passed to external parties.

We will appreciate your response by latest Friday, 30 March 2018.

When you have a few minutes please complete the survey most relevant to you and the business you work for.

Individual taxpayers: click here

Small to medium businesses (annual turnover R0 – R325 million): click here

Large corporates (a company with an annual turnover + R325 million): click here

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