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PKF Pretoria aims to be a one stop professional services firm giving our clients the benefit of a range of interconnected services.

Whilst auditing forms the foundation of our business we constantly evaluate client needs. The nature and range of our services and the manner in which we provide them are determined by the specific needs of our clients.

In any transaction we not only provide the service, we consider ourselves part of the team whilst still remaining an independent party. We make a point of getting to know our client’s business and thus establishing the foundation for a long term professional relationship.

PKF Pretoria provides a range of interconnected services. Auditing is the foundation of our business. Our multi-skilled team can however mould their services to adapt to the needs of our clients.

Typical services that we offer range from internal and external auditing, accounting, taxation, risk management, payroll, company secretarial, and advisory.

Other non-standard services that we offer are due diligence investigations, special reviews. We also provide advise on restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

Industry Experience

Each industry has its own attributes and service requirements. Due to our varied skills and experience, PKF Pretoria has become accustomed to adapting to specific industry demands and client needs. 

Industries that we have served include for example property funds, property development and asset management,  manufacturing, information technologylogisticsfleet managementagricultural food supply, commodity tradingretailconstructionmining and professional services.

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