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PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q2 2018


PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q2 2018

In this second quarterly issue for 2018, the PKF Worldwide Tax Update newsletter brings together notable tax changes and amendments from around the world, with each followed by a PKF commentary which provides further insight and information on the matters discussed. PKF is a global network with 400 offices, operating in over 150 countries across our 5 regions, and its tax experts specialise in providing high quality tax advisory services to international and domestic organisations in all our markets.

In this issue featured articles include discussions on:

  • Developments in the area of international corporate income tax in Portugal (capital gains, PEs), Slovakia (exit tax) and South Africa (CFC legislation)
  • Key tax changes for 2018 (and beyond) in Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey and the UK
  • Interesting (upcoming) European Court of Justice case law in Austria and Germany
  • VAT developments in Austria, Italy, Romania and the United Arab Emirates
  • Tax amnesty developments in Italy and Russia
  • Changes to the participation exemption regime in Belgium
  • An update on C Corporations as a result of the recent US Tax Bill.

We hope that you will find this issue of PKF's Worldwide Tax Update both informative and interesting. Please do not hesitate to contact your PKF office directly should you need any further advice or information.

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