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Converg Financial Training was established in 2003 in partnership with PKF.

Initially focused on training and consulting to the auditing profession, the service offering has expanded to include a wide range of financial and management skills interventions offered to both the profession and a variety of clients in commerce. This was recently further expanded to public courses on several financial and personal management disciplines.


Converg provides training to the accounting profession and business (large and small organisations and individuals), both locally and internationally. In addition, Converg consults to auditing and accounting firms regarding quality control, auditing standards and application of audit methodologies. Training is conducted in-house or at public venues dependant on specific requirements.

At Converg we believe that knowledge is power, and the best way to empower is to teach. Learning is a life-long quest and a basic requirement to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. We are passionate about training and believe in an interactive learning experience, reflected in the commitment to our core values: passion, integrity and quality in everything we do.

We appreciate that organisations experience difficulties in providing training excellence and we are here to provide that training leaving you to focus on your strengths. Training provides constant renewal and breathes new life into an organisation by stimulating the generation of ideas and skill sharing. A motivated staff is a productive and happy staff. We believe that training is key to providing this motivation.

We believe that training should be relevant. We therefore invest in research and consult with clients to ensure that the training we offer will truly address their needs.

Our courses can be tailored on request, to ensure that specific objectives are addressed.

Whether the training is local, regional or international, we will ensure our clients training needs are met.

Each member of the Converg Team shows the same commitment to our core values: Quality in everything we do, reflected in our passionate approach to training. The team consists of individuals with diverse, complimentary skills.

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