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PKF has a well-established history of over sixty years in Welkom. Although the firm has seen many changes through the years, our commitment to deliver a quality service to all of our clients, has remained constant.

Currently we have two directors and a staff complement of close to 50 employees.

Our clients
We offer services to a variety of clients in various sectors including manufacturing, retail, insurance, construction, hospitality and medical services to name a few.
We have a diverse client base and have the knowledge and expertise to provide your company with a superior service and a quality output.

Our values
At PKF we follow the IFAC Code and Code of Professional Conduct very closely.  Our values are thus aligned with these codes.

Our directors ensure their values of ethics, integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and professionalism are applied throughout the practice in all instances. They provide a great example for all staff members to follow.

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