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Tone at the top Volume 5

Tone at the top Volume 5

07 Jul 2017

“People behave in the way they are rewarded to behave.  If leaders are incentivised to focus on one goal above all other, they do not necessarily focus on how that goal is achieved.  Incentives must be aligned to performance – but performance with integrity.”  -  Holly tucker


To reinforce your culture and values these things can be considered.

  1. Reward the right behaviours, punish the wrong ones.
  2. How much is enough communication. Too much communication can never happen, ensure senior people are communicating the values to the lower staff.
  3. Create a platform to listen. Employee reviews are an ideal position to find out what your staff think.  Do they think you have the right culture?  Do they think it is ethically and integrity driven?
  4. The same message must keep coming through but do it through different mediums don’t always use the same line of communication.
  5. Ensure your middle management are on the same wavelength as senior management when it comes to pushing the message down.

Compliance risk assessments need to be taken very seriously.  In order for these to work one needs to.

  1. Identify, prioritise and manage strategic operational financial and reputational risks.
  2. These risks are ultimately any risks which would hinder the company from obtaining its strategic goals.
  3. Determine a plan to manage and measure those risks which have been identified.
  4. Ensure that ownership is taken for all the risks that have been identified. There has to be accountability, and for that to take place controls need to be set up and monitoring of those controls need to be in place.
  5. The above must of course take into account laws and regulations with which your organisation needs to comply with.

A compliance risk assessment can assist in understanding the full range of risks that may occur in your organisation.  It will also have the likely event of it happening and the potential severity and impact it should have on your organisation.


“The starting point for all compliance programmes is knowing what areas have the highest potential for violations of law.  You need to ferret out and prevent the most serious types of risk for your organisation.  That means you need a solid understanding of the environment you are operating in.”  -  Tim Cercelle

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