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Woman in the world of tax – Featuring Kubashni Moodley in a special edition of Tax Talk


01 Jun 2018

“Tax and the bigger policy issues facing South Africa have always intrigued me.”

Kubashni Moodley, Tax Partner at PKF Durban, recently featured in a special edition of Tax Talk – Woman in the world of tax. 

Kubashni has Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce Honours degrees from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and obtained a Master's in Taxation from the University of Pretoria. She was appointed as a Tax Partner at PKF Durban in 2013.

Why choose the world of tax?

Kubashni's affinity for and fascination with tax matters and the complexities of the field were triggered while she was studying at university. "Tax and the bigger policy issues facing South Africa have always intrigued me."

Career challenges and rewards

Kubashni finds being a female tax professional in her early thirties holds some "inherent" challenges. "My tax advice is sometimes questioned due to a perceived assumption that I may be inexperienced in the tax field, even though the advice is appropriate." She says it takes time to build credibility in the profession. People generally want to deal with tax professionals who are "well-known" in the industry or someone who comes "highly recommended."

The most rewarding experience for her is to assist taxpayers in their affairs, especially when there seems to be unfair treatment. One of her first tax disputes involved a taxpayer whose business and personal taxes were subject to a SARS audit. The initial proposed adjustments by SARS were enormous with potential tax liabilities running into millions of rand. She and her firm were eventually able to reduce the adjustments to a fraction of the initial amounts. "I felt a great sense of pride in having achieved what seemed to be an impossible task at the outset."

Advice to young women considering the tax profession

Kubashni prides herself on sharing her tax knowledge with those around her in the simplest manner possible. "Tax is a diverse and ever-evolving industry. You never run the risk of doing mundane tasks. Each case or matter is always different and generally requires a great deal of intellect to arrive at the right answer." A career in tax will challenge you on a daily basis and allows you to constantly learn, she says.

A role for women in policy and decision making

Government has women of "high calibre" in high-level positions at National Treasury and SARS. Several women are already involved in high-level decision-making aspects of the legislative process. "I personally think that we are making great headway in this regard, but of course there is always room for improvement."

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