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04 08 2020

COVID-19 Organisational Considerations

While some organisations have already taken precautionary actions, such as disinfecting offices and conference rooms, sending communications to customers, cancelling non-essential travel, prohibiting large group meetings, converting face-to-face meetings to web conferencing and splitting the workforce between multiple facilities, it is becoming clear that so much more will likely be required. All organisations need to adjust priorities, re-evaluate all aspects of their business, refine messaging and plan for the recovery that will come.

21 07 2020

COVID-19 Financial Relief

We are operating in uncertain times and information changes often. The following information is provided on a best effort's basis and applies to types of relief available for individuals.

16 07 2020

Supplementary Budget Speech 2020 - Tax Overview

On 24 June 2020, the Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, delivered the supplementary budget speech as a result of the significant effects that the current COVID-19 pandemic has had on our economy.

08 06 2020

Lockdown’s impact on your business!

PKF South Africa conducted a short survey, aimed specifically at the SME market, in order to better understand the facts behind all the speculation, and with the view to provide a voice for owner-managed businesses throughout South Africa.

22 05 2020

Lockdown and the impact on the entity’s internal controls

With the country slowly getting used to the new normal, many entities are accepting the reality that business as usual may not return in the foreseeable future. As many businesses enact crisis management and business recovery plans, they are caught in deciding on whether to divert financial reporting and internal control efforts toward more operational matters.

30 04 2020

COVID 19 Relief Summary

As level five of lockdown nears its end, we feel it necessary to give a summary of the relief options available to your business and employees to ensure you are making the most of the relief available to you.

24 04 2020

National lockdown: are there tax implications if you remain in SA for an extended period of time?

The Draft Disaster Management Tax Relief Administration Bill (the “Draft Bill”) was released for public comment on 1 April 2020.

24 04 2020

Impact of covid-19 on proposals to limit the use of assessed losses

In terms of current law, where the permissible tax deductions of a company exceed the company’s income during a year of assessment, an assessed loss may arise. The company is, in certain instances, permitted to carry forward such assessed loss to the next year of assessment for purposes of offsetting the same against taxable income in the succeeding year of assessment.

22 04 2020

The consequence of non-payment at the end of April

In the next two weeks, many businesses are going to have to make tough decisions on which creditors to pay. Some of these payments are by debit order, even though one might consider them deferrable, they will be paid automatically. In the end, as is common with businesses in a cashflow crunch, the final choices will be between net salaries to staff, PAYE and VAT.

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