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22 09 2020

Termination of the tax residence of a company: shareholders beware

In terms of current legislation, when a company (“ExitCo”) ceases to be a tax resident of South Africa, the following tax implications arise:

18 08 2020

Draft tax laws amendment bill

The 2020 Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (“2020 draft TLAB”) and the 2020 Draft Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill (“2020 Draft TALAB”) were published for comment on 31 July 2020.

23 07 2020

Estate Planning

2020 certainly caught us off-guard. Who would have thought that we would have been in lockdown for more than 100 days or that unions, parents, government and other stakeholders would fight about whether children attending schools would be a good idea?

16 07 2020

Supplementary Budget Speech 2020 - Tax Overview

On 24 June 2020, the Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, delivered the supplementary budget speech as a result of the significant effects that the current COVID-19 pandemic has had on our economy.

15 07 2020

SARS Automatic Assessments for Individual Taxpayers.

The 2020 tax filing season will open in the coming months. For this financial year end, the South African Revenue Services (SARS) says it will automatically assess a number of taxpayers.

09 05 2016

Reportable Arrangements - Disclosure to SARS

The Tax Administration Act places an obligation on participants and promoters of reportable arrangements to disclose the arrangement to SARS within a period of 45 business days of the date that such arrangement qualifies as a "reportable arrangement".

04 04 2016

Foreign Exchange Disclosure

This newsletter contains details about the proposed special voluntary disclosure program relating to previously undisclosed foreign assets.

03 03 2016

Changes in the Tax Treatment of Retirement Fund Contributions

This newsletter contains details of the Changes in the Tax Treatment of Retirement Fund Contributions

10 04 2015

Youth Employment Tax Incentive

This newsletter contains details about the youth employment tax incentive.

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