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PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q2


PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q2 2016

This issue of PKF’s Worldwide Tax Update quarterly newsletter captures tax changes and updates from around the world that are contributed by our worldwide family of member firms. At the foot of each article is a PKF comment which lends further insight into the matters discussed together with the contact details of the local PKF expert so that you may follow up with directly should you require any additional information of advice.

The articles featured in this quarter’s publication include discussions on:

  • The view of the Belgium Tax Ruling Commission toward the

    restructuring and optimisation of salaries;

  • The increased transfer pricing documentation requirements in

    Brazil under the Fiscal Bookkeeping (ECF) requirements;

  • The intensive controls implemented in Greece which consider

    unexplained movements in a bank account as ‘taxable income’;

  • India’s continued efforts to attract investors by increasing the level

    of foreign direct investment (FDI) permitted in various sectors;

  • Encouragement by the Polish Ministry of Finance for tax-payers to

    make voluntary transfer pricing corrections in their tax returns;

  • The continuing ‘nexus approach’ adoption by US State’s to impose income tax on companies without a physical presence in the State.

We hope that you will find the June 2016 PKF Worldwide Tax Update both informative and interesting and please do contact the PKF expert directly should you wish for further advice or information on any item featured or find any firm (by country) at www.pkf.com/pkf-firms.

PKF’s 2016/17 Worldwide Tax Guide

PKF produces the Worldwide Tax Guide each year and the latest 2016/17 edition is an impressive publication that covers 118 countries and is a great marketing tool to demonstrate the strength of PKF in tax worldwide. Copies of the 2016/17 edition (min. 10 copies to be ordered at USD 30 each) may be obtained by contacting Philip Bond at [email protected]

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