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PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q3


PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q3 2016

In this issue of PKF’s Worldwide Tax Update newsletter, noteworthy tax changes and amendments are provided from around the world, and each article is followed by a PKF commentary which provides further insight and information on the matters discussed. PKF members are happy to assist you with any tax or tax related matter and respective contact details can be found at the end of each article’s commentary.

In this issue, featured articles include discussions on:

  • A limitation of the tax exempt status of dividends received by Bulgarian entities;

  • The end of the sixty six year bifurcated Business Tax system in China

    with the introduction of VAT as from 1 May 2016;

  • The Kenyan Government’s measures to increase its revenue

    collection by ensuring high compliance levels and increasing its tax


  • Portugal’s beneficial tax regime to attract professionals engaged in

    high added-value intellectual activities and beneficiaries of foreign

    pension schemes; and,

  • The introduction of Value Added Tax in the Middle East, notably in

    the United Arab Emirates from 1 January 2018.

We hope that you will find this September 2016 PKF Worldwide Tax Update both informative and interesting and please do contact the PKF expert directly should you wish any further advice or information, or find any PKF firm (by country) at www.pkf.com/pkf-firms

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