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PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q4 2016

In this final quarter issue for 2016, PKF’s Worldwide Tax Update again brings together noteworthy tax changes and amendments from around the world, with each followed by a PKF commentary providing further insight and information on the issues. PKF members are happy to assist with any tax, or tax related matter, and respective contact details can be found at the end of each article’s commentary.

In this issue featured articles include discussions on:

  • China’s introduction of new transfer pricing reporting and documentation requirements;
  • The impact of Brexit on UK taxation;
  • The case of Apple vs the EU Commission where Apple has been found to be in receipt of illegal tax benefits;
  • Singapore’s framework for implementing BEPS measures; and,
  • The amendment of the India - Mauritius Tax Treaty resulting in the taxation of capital gains on a source basis.

We hope that you will find this issue of PKF’s Worldwide Tax Update both informative and interesting and please do contact the PKF expert directly should you wish any further advice or information.

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