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Integrated reporting

Corporate sustainability is a business approach to create long term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic environmental and social developments.

PKF embraces sustainability and the business opportunities that integrated reporting presents for you business. We fully acknowledge the disclosure burden placed on companies and would like to offer our support in ensuring that your company complies with the requirement of King III to produce externally assured integrated reports.

The publication of King III introduced the concept of integrated reporting. It requires companies to recognise that the principle of transparency in reporting sustainability - commonly but incorrectly referred to as 'nonfinancial' information - is a critical element of effective reporting.

Integrated reporting requires the following to be performed:

  • The implementation of a chosen reporting guideline into a company's operations and culture
  • Assure the underlying information reported and
  • Assure the compliance of the information reported on in terms of the chosen reporting guideline.

Together with our partners the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), PKF can assist with all of the required steps.

We offer the following value adds:

  • One-stop response to King III
  • Complementary skills and experience
  • Large pool of trusted experts to draw from
  • Customised responses and packages
  • Truly integrated reporting from start to finish
  • Balanced and forward-looking assessments
  • Enhanced credibility and confidence in reporting
  • Reliable and compliant with globally accepted GRI guidelines
  • Transparent, independent, impartial and comparable

Engagement Options and Reporting Stages

There are three major stages of preparing a company's integrated sustainability report; Preparation and strategic alignment; Data gathering, synthesis and writing,and; Report review and assurance. The combined offering of CSIR and PKF can assist companies with meeting requirements at each stage.

Contact : Claire Jennings
Email: [email protected]

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