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2018 - 27 03 2018

Extending the application of CFC Legislation to foreign companies held by foreign trusts and foundations

South African legislation has for many years contained anti-avoidance provisions in the form of controlled foreign company (CFC) rules which effectively taxes South African residents on their percentage of income of a CFC. A CFC is defined as any foreign company where more than 50% of the participation rights (equity and voting rights) are held by one or more South African residents.

2018 - 27 03 2018

Extra-ordinary dividends - share buy-back anti-avoidance

Share buy-backs, if structured in a specific manner, may give rise to the shareholder/seller not being liable to capital gains tax in respect of the disposal of the share on the basis that the proceeds derived by the shareholder/seller in respect of such disposal would be reduced by the amount by which such buy-back transaction gives rise to a dividend. In addition, in circumstances where the shareholder/seller is a South African tax resident company, the share buy-back may be free from Dividends Tax.

2018 - 16 03 2018

How does the 1% VAT increase affect your business?

The Minister of Finance announced the VAT rate increase from 14% to 15% in his Budget Speech on 21 February 2018. Whilst most business have been focusing on how to get their systems updated to account for the new rate, not many have taken into consideration the full impact of this rate change.

2018 - 05 03 2018

Tell us what it costs you to comply with the tax system in South Africa

SAICA, in a joint initiative with the Financial Intelligence Department of the University of South Africa (UNISA), are conducting a survey of small, medium and large businesses as well as of individuals to evaluate and compare the costs/benefits of compliance with the tax system on them as taxpayers.

2018 - 26 02 2018

No further extension on the VAT claw back relief

Where a property developer constructed residential units for sale and these units are temporarily let out as a result of the adverse economic conditions the developer had to declare the output vat on a deemed supply of such units. This imposition of VAT on the deemed supply is based on the open market value of the property when the property was first let out. This resulted in unreasonably high negative cash flow consequences for property developers.

2018 - 26 02 2018

Changes to Reimbursive travel expenses from 1 March 2018

Employers may elect to reimburse employees for the travel costs at a set rate per kilometre, as opposed to a fixed monthly travel allowance.

2018 - 26 02 2018

A Water Shortage for South Africans and Now Tax on Sugary Beverages!

Apart from the water shortage in the Western Cape and the effect of the 1% VAT increase following the budget speech, South Africans will now be paying more for sugary drinks.

2018 - 22 02 2018


The managers' of PKF (SA) held their annual conference at Glenburn Lodge Muldersdrift from 26-28 January 2018. There were two new offices in attendance being Pretoria and PKF Octagon (Johannesburg). This was the largest managers' conference held for some time with 47 delegates in attendance.

2018 - 21 02 2018

2018 Budget Speech Highlights and 2018/2019 PKF Tax Guide

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba delivered his maiden 2018 budget speech on 21 February 2018. The highlights of the tax related budget proposals announced by the Minister are as follows:

2018 - 21 02 2018


There appears to be an increased focus recently by SARS in relation to tax compliance. We therefore want to highlight the below important dates again to our clients to ensure that they are always fully tax compliant. Non-compliance may lead to penalties being imposed against defaulting taxpayers, but also has wider potential implications. This includes that taxpayers may be unable to apply for a tax clearance certificate, or that SARS may be disinclined to favourably consider a request for the suspension of payment of an alleged tax debt while the taxpayer is engaged in a tax dispute with SARS.

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