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Home News 2022 What are some of the global challenges in the FMCG space?

What are some of the global challenges in the FMCG space?

Covid-19 has heightened the consumer’s awareness of health and wellness. Now, more than ever, there is a growing demand for natural and organic brands that align with healthy lifestyle choices and personal goals. Alongside this need, there is also high demand for relevant and engaging digital-first experiences. The question is, as consumers habits are changing, how will the healthy foods industry keep up?

Businesses in the healthy foods industry have had to adapt to the constant shutdowns caused by the global pandemic prevalence. This has raised certain concerns regarding distraction in supply and safety concerns of healthy foods. The closure of some international borders has affected the supply chain, and businesses in the food industry cannot access the necessary raw materials.

The global pandemic has created unexpected stress on the food systems, causing many immediate challenges. However, the speed at which supply chain actors have reorganized themselves to ensure the continued availability of healthy food is remarkable.

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