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Wealth Management

Planning and managing your long-term wealth can have wide-ranging legal and tax implications. We specialise in:.

  • Personal financial planning
  • Estate planning and administration
  • Wills and trusts


Personal financial planning

Inflation, education and medical costs are just some of the personal financial challenges you face and each of these issues varies according to your circumstances. By working closely together, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and can structure and administer the most appropriate tax strategies, retirement and estate planning and general financial matters for you.

Estate planning and administration

Efficient tax planning and the protection of your beneficiaries are just two advantages of having a carefully developed and well-planned estate plan. Our comprehensive knowledge of estate planning and administration can assist you in reaping estate duty benefits and other long-term tax and social benefits.

Wills and trusts

At PKF we review and advise on wills and trusts, prepare trust financial statements and liaise with the Master of the High Court.

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